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Association of Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters

Release of the APDWS™ Android™ app

The Association of Professional Dog Walkers are please to announce the release of the Android walking app. The Android app can be found in the members area with instructions on how to download and install on your Android phone. The app can be used to track your walks and then can be shared on social platforms so clients can see where their dogs has been walked. The app is free for all our members and we would ask that you do not share this app with non members. Work is still ongoing with the IOS app and we are trying to ensure that app remains free for our members.

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Only walk a dog with a proper collar. DONT RISK IT

Dog owners in the UK have been issued a warning about walking their dogs in the wrong collar. Dog walkers have been told that they face a £5000 fine if they walk their dogs without proper identification. That's because failing to put your name and address on your dog's tag when out in public is illegal and could land you a hefty fine - and even time in jail. Pet owners who are walking their dog without the proper identification could actually be slapped a six months prison sentence in the worst case scenario.

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Dog walkers could be at risk of serious injury

Dog walkers could be putting themselves at risk of serious hand injuries by controlling their pets incorrectly, surgeons have warned. Misuse of leads and collars is causing “many serious injuries” among animal lovers, according to the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH). According to the RSPCA, there are approximately eight and a half million dogs kept as pets in the UK. The BSSH said one hospital alone, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, saw 30 serious hand injuries caused by “dog lead or collar misuse” in just one year. Fractures, dislocations, lacerations and friction burns are among the injuries seen by doctors treating unfortunate dog owners. As well as being painful and traumatic, some injuries can be seriously debilitating and take up to a year to properly recover from, surgeons say.

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Dog walker reported to police by HS2

A walker claims she was reported to police by HS2 for walking on a public footpath. Marian Allder and her husband were walking their cockapoo between Berkswell and Ballsall Common. They say a HS2 perimeter intrusion detection system apparently reported them to police. Their stroll was interrupted by ear-splitting sirens and an authoritative voice with a strong Northern Irish accent. The dog walker said "a very loud siren went off, lights were flashing and a male voice with a strong Northern Irish accent, informed us our presence had been detected and the land owner and the police would be informed"